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Turn On Lamp Wants to Be Consumer Electronics

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The circle-and-line symbol above is usually understood as "press this to make power," but that won't work with Lana Savettiere's Turn On Lamp. It plays on the familiar power button of consumer electronics devices, but acts like a conventional lamp switch, requiring you to turn it over to the...

Ultrathin Desile Chair Folds Flat

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It may not be the most luxurious seating solution, but the Desile Chair is a clever chair design for space savers who want to throw the occasional dinner party. Constructed of bamboo in its indoor variation, the Desile Chair folds completely flat in two places, measuring just 0.8 inches when...

UNIT Shopping Cart, For the Bored and Lazy

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Are you the kind of shopper that can't stand a normal stroll down the aisle, and would push the cart and then step onto its rear axle for a ride? Maybe what you really need is the UNIT, an automatic cart concept with a unique approach to shopping. Each one would have a built-in navigator for...