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18 Incredible Cave Houses From Around the World

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Massafra Italy
Are you a creepy weirdo looking to further alienate everyone you know with your choice of living conditions?  Or maybe you're a world renowned terrorist on the run from nearly every law enforcement organization on the planet?  Or perhaps you're just vacationing in Turkey or Spain? If any of...

24 Amazing Swimming Pools From Around the World

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Neptune Pool Hearst Castle California
A really incredible swimming pool is always a sight to behold no matter what the season.  Seriously, it's just a hole in the ground yet it manages to provide enjoyment for legions of people for years and years.  The fact that some people actually take the time to turn their water filled hole...

18 Incredible Bridges From Around the World

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Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge Guizhou China
There's a good chance that you cross a bridge of some sort almost every day of your life.  While some are certainly more impressive to look at than others, when you're on any bridge, at that moment it is a marvel of architectural design and strength.  At least you hope it is. While there...

Gothic Architecture: 25 Incredible Photos

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National Cathedral
Gothic architecture evolved from Romanesque architecture and flourished during the high and late medieval period.  Easily identifiable by its frequent use of ribbed vaults and pointed arches, it is most widely seen in the great cathedrals and churches of Europe. Many fine...