Hey, hey it’s May. From stylish chocolates to games that will improve your life, we’ve gathered all the best links from around the web.

Can gamification make you a better person? Over at Soshable.com, they take a look at five places where gamification is helping people achieve results in fields like personal finance and weight loss.

For those of you wanting to get away from it all, Curbed has a map of New York’s Secret Gardens. With nine little known spots to choose from, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Looking to hone your coding skills? TechVert lists the 5 Best Places To Learn Computer Programing For Free. Sites like Google Code University and Course Hero offer classes on all types of programming, including Java and Python.

For the best in package design, check out This Week’s Top 10 Articles on The Dieline. Our favorite this week has to be the chocolate mustache pops by Mr. Chocolate.

Bit Rebels has a post featuring insane 8-Bit character compilation from cult movies. Included in the mix, characters from Back to The Future and Aliens to Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

If you visit Fast Co. Design, you can watch a tiny Rube Goldberg machine make postcards. Melvin the Machine is the world’s smallest Rube Goldberg machine and also the world’s biggest social media oversharer.