Are you planning a move in the near future that involves your pets?  We found the resources and tips in this infographic very helpful to pet owners who plan on bringing their furry friends along with them to their new home. This graph higlights the best cities to move to if you have pets, and also helpful tips for getting your new landlord to approve of you pet.

Sadly, “moving” is the number-one reason cited for pet abandonment. Both dogs and cats, on a huge, nation-wide scale, fall victim at move time. My Move wanted to find out why moving is such a common reason for pet abandonment. We began by fielding a study on our site, asking an audience of recently moved people whether they had any pets, and if so, whether they were able to bring their animal(s) to their new home. We found out that moving-related reasons include a new landlord not allowing pets, the new home not being appropriate for pets, an allergic housemate, and others.

Do you know someone who is moving with pets? If so, please share this infographic with him or her.

Moving with Pets
From: Moving with Pets

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