Let’s face it, in a sea of ho-hum advertising campaigns, it’s refreshing when a company uses innovative techniques to tell a story and raise brand awareness. One of our recent favorites is from Bumble Bee Foods. Using documentary-style webisodes that chronicle top-ranked U.S. men’s tennis player Mardy Fish’s quest to lead a healthy life, they’ve created video vignettes to work in tandem with the brand’s signature program, BeeWell for Life.

Originally launched in 2008, BeeWell for Life is an interactive program that inspires people to exercise, be active and eat healthier. It offers consumers the chance to earn points by logging the miles they walk, run or bike, completing weekly challenges and entering the calories they consume. The Mardy Fish content series reinforces the goals of BeeWell for Life with inspirational stories, tips and motivational messages to help consumers lead healthy, nutritious and active lifestyles.

The latest video in the interactive web series features the philanthropic efforts of Fish through his Mardy Fish Foundation. Mardy explains how important it is for children to play outdoors and be active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The video features the after school activities sponsored by Fish’s foundation that are designed to encourage athletics, academics and eating well.  At the end of the video, Fish invites all to join him in the “Be Well For Life Challenge” at BeWellForLife.com, where Bumble Bee Foods host a community dedicated to create a healthier life in mind, body, and spirit.

This video, like the rest in the beautifully shot series, combines athletic star power, an interesting storyline and a positive message to engage viewers while promoting the Bumble Bee brand.