It’s the start of a long March Madness weekend, and we’ve got the design scoop on who is wearing what and in what colors for this year’s Sweet Sixteen. Russell Athletics will make a rare appearance this year, thanks to Number 13 seed Ohio wearing a hunter green uniform designed by Russell, defeating Number 12 seed South Florida. After that , team uniforms are pretty evenly split between Nike and Adidas, but it looks like the special Adidas Ultra-Lightweight NCAA Uniforms are the stars so far. Louisville , Baylor and Cincinnati – the three teams playing in the much derided animal print festooned neon jerseys – survived the early rounds of the tournament and will be playing this weekend.



Team colors: Blue and White
Mascots:  Blue, Scratch, and The Wildcat
Uniform contract: Nike


Team colors: Cream and Crimson
Mascot:  Hoosiers
Uniform contract: Adidas


Team colors: Green and Gold
Mascot:  Bears
Uniform contracts: Adidas


Team colors: Navy Blue and White
Mascot:  Musketeers
Uniform contract: Nike



Team colors: Orange
Mascot: Otto the Orange
Uniform contract: Nike


Team colors: Cardinal and White
Mascot:  Bucky Badger
Uniform contract: Adidas


Team colors: Red and Black
Mascot: Bearcat
Uniform contract: Adidas

Ohio St.

Team colors: Scarlet and Gray
Mascot: Brutus Buckeye
Uniform contract: Nike

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Michigan St.

Team colors: Green and White
Mascot:  Sparty the Spartan
Uniform contract: Nike


Team colors: Red and Black
Mascot:  Cardinals
Uniform contract: Adidas


Team colors: Blue and Gold
Mascot:  Golden Eagle
Uniform contract: Nike


Team colors: Orange and Blue
Mascot:  Albert and Alberta Gator
Uniform contract: Nike


North Carolina

Team colors: Carolina Blue
Mascot:  Rameses the Big Horn Ram
Uniform contract: Nike (Michael Jordan logo)


Team colors: Hunter Green and White
Mascot:  Rufus the Bobcat
Uniform contract: Russell


Team colors: Blue and Crimson
Mascot:  Big Jay and Baby Jay
Uniform contract: Adidas

NC State

Team colors: Red and White
Mascot:  Tuffy the Strutting Wolf
Uniform Contract: Adidas