We are already in love with the concept – affordable razors delivered to your door each month, but it’s the nicely executed ad that got us excited enough to order the product. As the name implies, with Dollar Shave Club you pay a dollar and you get a month’s supply of twin-blade razors shipped to you. Yes, you are reading this right – just one $1. This is pretty amazing considering the ridiculously high price of store bought razors and the fact that you can’t grab a cup of coffee for that.

The company actually offers three kinds of razors: the Humble Twin, a standard two-blade razor, for $1 a month; the 4x, a four-blade razor for men and women, for $6; and the Executive, a “state-of-the-art” six-blade razor for $9. Shipping is included on the two more expensive packages. The cost of the Humble Twin works out to be about $3 a month when you factor in shipping costs. By the company estimates, members will save as much as $292 per year on shaving.

Pretty slick, right?  The ad stars the founder and CEO of the new start-up, Michael Dubin. What’s even more impressive is the fact that he created the ad himself. Dubin wrote the 90 second spot last October and shot it with his friend and co-director, Lucia Aniello. Shot on location in a single day at the company’s factory warehouse in Gardenia, California, the ad cost about $4,500 to produce. Pretty smooth, Dollar Shave Club, pretty smooth.