One of the most annoying life experiences? Being mistaken for an employee when you’re shopping at an establishment. If it happens once you can maybe chalk it up to the fact that you appear helpful.  Also you are probably 80 some odd years younger than the person searching for the cat food aisle. But if you get approached more than once for a price check or directions to the restroom, the blame falls squarely on your shoulders.  Or more specifically, on your appearance.

Covered in sleeve tats? Expect questions about ironic t-shirts and skinny jeans on your next trip to Urban Outfitters.  Your geek chic attire and nerd specs may serve you well most places, but if you’re browsing your local Apple store beware the genius type questions about to be asked of you. Want to avoid these situations? Our friends over at Column Five partnered up with Hallway to create this infographic of what not to wear when shopping.

Via Column Five for Hallway

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