It’s the eve before Valentine’s Day – Are you wondering just how dirty your date will be?  And we ask that with the cleanest of intentions. There’s a battle of sorts raging and at stake is the title of most hygienic sex. If you are curious about the answer to that question, we’ve found a helpful infographic that exposes all the down and dirty habits of both men and women.  Whose pillow yields the most bacteria?  Is a wallet dirtier than a purse? Created by, this colorful graph reveals some surprising answers about the hygiene habits of the opposite sex.

How Dirty is Your Date?

© 2012 Keeping it Kleen

Keeping it Kleen was developed by a group of folks that understand the importance of food safety and sanitation.  Dedicated to spreading the word about healthy habits, they provide tons of information to help keep you and the people you care about safe by reducing the risk of food borne illness.

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