Looking to turn the chore of learning a new subject into a fun and challenging game?  A company called Course Hero has designed a flashcard system that allows you do just that. And let’s be clear, these aren’t your parent’s old school index cards. Created online, these flashcards are easily customized to any topic. Whether you’re looking to master your knowledge of Design History or brush up on Architecture Terms, these digitized “knowledge bites” will help you condense and simplify information so that you absorb the important facts quickly.

But flashcards are only part of the process, what will really kick your retention level into high gear is the Optimal Learn feature. University students as well as “students of life” know what a pain it is to stick to a regimented study schedule. Even if you really desire to learn a specific subject, the overwhelming amount of distractions makes it very difficult to do so. That’s why Optimal Learn is such an awesome feature. Once you decide on a timeline, a customized program is created that challenges you with quizzes and remind you when to study up, all with the end goal in mind. This high tech flashcard system adds a bit of fun to a normally mundane process.  You can check out this very cool learning tool over at Course Hero where you’ll have the option to select an existing set –or create personalized flashcards based on your interests and educational needs.