Twenty-six year old aspiring filmmaker Zach Borst has something to scream about. As the winner of this year’s Chevrolet Route 66  Super Bowl ad competition, not only will his commercial run during the big game this Sunday, he’ll also receives twenty-five grand for his creative efforts.

Up against 197 submissions from 32 countries, “Chevy Happy Grad” nabbed the top prize. Borst used his hometown of Floral Park, N.Y as the setting for 30 and 60-second spots. He also pulled inspiration from his childhood to come up with the premise.  “My Dad was a cop and worked real hard to be able to buy his kids their first cars. They were used, but mine meant the world to me,” Borst said. “Then I wondered what it would look like if I got a brand new Camaro?”

Filmed in less than four hours, the spots depict a recent grad who thinks his parents gave him a shiny new Camaro convertible as a graduation gift. His excitement escalates as he shares the news with others, only to see the actual owner, the next door neighbor, drive away in it. It’s a cute spot and we think it deserves a much better review than the one Tim Nudd gave it over at Nudd described the 30-second spot as “somewhat irritating” and the 60-second version as “horrible” in his AdFreak column.  Ouch! That sounds a bit harsh, especially considering the truly horrible ads from professional ad agencies we see all the time. You can watch both below and decide for yourself. We’d love to hear what you think.

Chevy Happy Grad – Super Bowl XLVI – 30-second spot

Chevy Happy Grad – Super Bowl XLVI – 60-second spot