Got design on your mind?  From celebrity ski homes to an eco-friendly dwelling controlled with your game paddle, we’ve rounded up all the good stuff for the last week of January 2012.

Sarah Firshein over at Curbed gives us the inside scoop on Celebrities Who Have Embraced the Ski Chalet Lifestyle. Head over there to check out the apres-ski digs of Jerry Seinfeld, Mitt Romney, Kelsey Grammar, Charlie Sheen and golfer Greg Norman.

Wondering Which Mags Were Biggest Users of QR Codes in 2011?  With quick response codes becoming more popular, Adweek has put together a list publications leading the wave along with tips on how to get more interaction with readers. reports on shopping at the Pentagon, America’s Most Dangerous Mall. From novelty chocolates  to military bling,  it may surprise you just what can be purchased at the world’s most famous five-sided building.

We know what you’re thinking – finally, A Solar-Powered House You Control With Xbox Kinect. Suzanne Labarre of Fast Co. Design brings us news of the award-winning Solar Decathlon house at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

The Louvre museum in Paris has just four American paintings in its huge permanent collection. But a temporary new exhibit is putting the spotlight on early American art, featuring Thomas Cole’s dramatic landscape paintings from the early 19th century. Read (or listen) all about it on All Things Considered over at