How well do you know the names of homes from movies and television?  Test your knowledge of famous fictional residences with our quiz.

1.  This Georgian plantation in Gone With the Wind was home to Scarlet O’ Hara before she moved to Atlanta.

2.   X-men called this hideout their home after the former X-Mansion was destroyed during the Messiah Complex.

3.  After a long day of swindling and  philandering oil magnate JR Ewing came back to this famous fictional ranch in Dallas.

4. The creepy vintage soap opera Dark Shadows featured this Gothic residence.

5. The sexy witches in the WB television series Charmed cast their spells and ran around half dressed in this San Francisco property.

6. Citizen Kane called this ostentatious homage to conspicuous consumption home.

7. First Bilbo and then nephew Frodo Baggins used this Hobbit hole as a home base.

8. The  model home from Arrested Developement  was located in this development property.

9. In Hitchcock’s Rebecca, the new Mrs. de Winter lives in the shadow of the former mistress of this cliff side dwelling.

10. The Cartwright Family from Bonanza called this Lake Tahoe, Nevada ranch their home



1. Tara
2. Graymalkin Industries
3. SouthFork
4. Collinwood Mansion
5. Halliwell Manor
6. Xanadu
7. Bag End
8. Sudden Valley
9. Manderley
10. Ponderosa