Tree trimming, holiday parties, gathering with loved ones, the holiday season means different things to different people.  For us, it’s the chance to ogle the over the top gifts found in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.  Those one percenters really know how to live. Last year, we profiled the $15,000 gingerbread house created by Dylan’s Candy Bar. For 2011 the posh retailer has put together some extravagant gifts and this time it’s a table-tennis table that’s caught our fancy.

Created by artist Tom Burr, this limited-edition table is sculpted from black rubber and will set you back a cool $45,000.  According to Neiman, Burr’s interpretation of  a ping-pong table turns ordinary sporting equipment into the sublime and can also double as a contemporary work of art. How’s that for practical?

Burr explains his curious choice in table cover and how it actually saves you money.

“I like the notion of rubber. It has low-key glamour, like that of a sports car’s bumpers and guards. And, quite simply, rubber makes the balls bounce—more bounce for your buck.”

Still not sold? Well maybe the philanthropic aspect will get you to open your wallet. For each table sold, Neiman Marcus will donate $2,500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters, the nation’s mentoring leader in changing children’s lives for the better, forever.

You can see the table and other Neiman Marcus holiday goodies here or if you’re flush with extra cash, spend $15 and have the legendary Christmas Book delivered to your home.