McDonald’s and ad agency powerhouse, Leo Burnett have cooked up a monumental tribute to everyone’s favorite greasy fast-food treat, McDonald’s French Fries.  As part of a regional “Best Fries on the Planet” campaign, Chicago now has a billboard emitting golden rays of light meant to represent the tasty fries.  Visible for some three miles around its location at North Clark and West Ontario, the lights cut a swath  through Chicago’s evening sky and act as a beacon for those looking for a late night junk food fix.

The ‘Best Fries on the Planet’ campaign was created for MOCNI (McDonald’s Owners of Chicago and Northwest Indiana).  The team over at Leo Burnett is using a wide variety of creative local focused advertisements to help promote the belief that McDonald’s french fries are the best fries on the planet. [via Adweek]

Global CCO: Mark Tutssel
CCO: Susan Credle
ECD: John Montgomery
CDS: Avery Gross, Brian Shembeda
CW: Rene Delgado
AD: Alex Esseveld
Executive Producer: Denis Giroux
Producer: Samantha Howes