The countdown to Halloween is in full swing, and if you are like us, you are still deciding what costume to wear. One of our favorite parts of the holiday is checking out the designs that surface each year. Some are tried and true old favorites, while others are based on current events.   While lots of people will opt for a trendy theme – looks like Angry Birds will be big this year – there’s a segment of the market who prefer the more traditional, classic Halloween costume.

Our friends over at have created an infographic that takes a look back at the costumes of the past 500 years — starting with the 16th Century. If you haven’t yet decided what you will dress as this year, checking out 500 Years of Cultural Inspiration should help you get some ideas.

These are the costumes based mostly on the past 500 years of cultural inspiration. From princesses to witches to pirates, these costumes have been in existence for nearly 500 years and remain popular to this day.  This Halloween when you’re out trick-or-treating, take a look around. You’ll be amazed at how many of these costumes are still being worn by today’s trick-or-treaters!
INFOGRAPHIC: A Costume for Every Era
[Via: Halloween Express]

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