Calling all budding designers and developers. Have an ideas for a killer iPhone or iPad App? There is a low cost, low tech way to start generating iPhone and mobile application ideas. The creative minds over at your UI Stencils offer products to get that idea out of your cranium and on to something tangible.

From the UI website

Using a pencil and paper is often the best way to get ideas down. Revolutionary products have been conceived on a napkin before taking shape digitally. Our stencil kits pays homage to the fact that ideas flow naturally with pencil and paper. The kits are designed to quickly sketch user interface, user flows, and ideas for how your app might work.

For the iPhone, they offer a sketch book with three phone silhouettes on the front side and three on the back.  The pad works in conjunction with the  iPhone Stencil Kit (sold separately).  The template is made of precision cut stainless steel stencil and the kit comes with a mechanical pencil.

If an iPad app is more what you had in mind, there’s the iPad Stencil Kit and iPad sketch book.  For some white boarding action, there is the iPad Dry Erase Board. The UI Stencil website also features free pdf downloads of iPhone and iPad templates. So what are you waiting for? You are on your way to bringing the next Angry Birds to life.

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