This week’s Etsy Find Friday features incredible hand crafted items made from wood.  From a carved iPhone case to a bed shaped like a pirate ship,  the wood working artisans over at Etsy have been busy little beavers.  Links and images after the jump.

  • Meat and Cheese Italy Shaped Cutting Board $25 via etsy
  • Hand Carved Cherry Wood Chandelier $6,580 via etsy
  • Airstream Trailer 5×5 Art Block on Wood $28 via etsy
  • Solid Pine Pirate Ship Shaped Bed $5,400 via etsy
  • The Upcycling Flag Wooden Folk Art $2,450 via etsy
  • Till Guitars Mixed Wood Electric Guitar $3,250 via etsy
  • Hand Carved Wooden Rocking Chair $9,000 via etsy
  • Figured Concalo Alves Wood Iphone 4 Case $79 via etsy
  • Jarrah Burl Reliquary $750 via etsy