A Calvin Klein ad (once again) is causing quite a stir.  This time it’s a billboard in NYC.  The image spells out the word FUCK – well it does as long as you have the mind to see it. Much like those religious burnt toast sightings, the image is in the eye of the beholder.  Those that see it point to the  lowercase c and k of the ck one brand logo, with letter F formed by the table silhouette and the panties of  lingerie model Lara Stone supplying the vowel.

While we wouldn’t put it past Calvin considering some his past of controversial campaigns including that kiddie porn one from the late 90s, the panties as a U shape seemed to be stretching it just a bit.  So what do you think? Is this the case of a rogue designer with a sense of humor, a masterful subliminal message from a slick marketing team or just the delusions of someone with F word on the brain?

[via adweek]