Keep your drinks iced in high style with cubes made from these creatively designed ice cube trays.   With most trays costing less than 10 bucks, they are a fun, inexpensive way to add some cool to your next social gathering.

10. Titanic Cubes

The statute of limitations against exploiting this tragedy is definitely up.  The Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Tray makes both Titanic and ice berg shaped cubes allowing you to recreate history each time it’s bottoms up. [available at Amazon]

9. Pi Cubes

This icy homage  to Pi is the perfect way to keep drinks cool at your next Mathlete gathering or Nerdfest.  With Pi Day just around the corner, you’ll want to get your order in soon.  [available at]

8. Playboy Bunny Cubes

Aspire to party like Hugh Hefner -  but don’t have the cash, the fame or the girls?  We suggest the official Playboy rabbit head ice cube tray as an inexpensive way to start. [available at trendsetters]

7. Fossil Cubes

These frozen bones are sure to delight everyone from paleontologists to Barney fans.  Choose from either Stegosaurus or T-Rex fossil cubes to keep your beverages chilled.  [available at amazon]

6. Handgun Cubes

Whether you’re throwing a Scarface or NRA themed party,  these handgun shaped ice cubes are sure to be a hit.  “You can take my drink when you pry it from my cold, dead….” [available at perpetualkid]

5. Guitar Cubes

Air guitar or six-string? No matter your preference, these guitar shaped cubes with guitar neck swizzle sticks will help your drinks “Rock On”. [available at amazon]

4. Shark Fin Cubes

An instant conversation starter, guests will gasp when they spot an icy fin sticking out of the favorite drink …ok, maybe not gasp, but at least start humming the theme to Jaws (cue the eye roll).  The blue silicone tray comes pre-chewed, with space to create five fin ice cubes.   [available at perpetualkid]

3. Brain Cubes

Delight both your cerebral and morbidly curious friends with ice cubes fashioned like gray matter.    Cocktails rocking these icy cerebellums will give new meaning to the term “brain freeze”. [available at amazon]

2. Centipede Cubes


Perfect for a creepy-crawly themed kids party or your next Human Centipede viewing party – these cubes will bring chill-inducing fun to your beverages. [available at perpetualkid]

1. Battery Ice Cube Tray

Jump start your next happy hour.  Available in 9-volt, D and Double A, these battery shaped ice cubes will help recharge and refresh any drink. [available at perpetualkid]

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