The Super Bowl Ring – the ultimate symbol of gaudy machismo and sporting achievement. From simple to ornate, these rings say not only did we kick some serious ass on the field, we are not afraid to flaunt it.  Curious about how the ring has evolved over the years?  We’ve gathered images of all the official designs and pulled a few notables from the past forty plus years.

Least Inspired Design

Miami Dolphins Super Bowl VIII

Miami, we know you just won the year before, but this design was really calling it in.  Minimalist is one thing, but the two stones seem to be just plopped on the bezel like a cross-eyed turd. C’mon, show some flair – you just won the Super Bowl (again) for cripes sake – How ’bout a diamond encrusted dolphin diving through a blue topaz goal post?

Ugliest Design

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV

Ok, on second thought maybe Miami was smart to keep Flipper off their ring. While there were lots of strong contenders for this title, we felt that the Ravens really deserved the crown with this Jostens (yes, the class ring company) produced design.

There’s lots going on here, starting with what looks like a dead crow roasting on a platinum barbecue grill over diamond charcoal briquettes.  The shank (base of the ring) is 14-karat gold while the Raven logo is a darker 18-karat gold set upon a purple amethyst base. The Raven features a white gold, diamond set beak and ruby red eye, all bordered with 63 brilliant yellow diamonds. This bedazzled bird is fastened atop a white gold channel set diamond football field- yikes.

Best For Use in a Fistfight

New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII

Also designed by Jostens, with raised prong set marquis cut diamond Vince Lombardi trophies, protruding pointed headed patriot man and ample contact area, the Super Bowl XXXVIII ring would be an adequate sub for brass knuckles in a pinch.

So what do you think? Which is your favorite ring design and why? And, more importantly who do you think will be sporting the 2011 Super Bowl ring this spring?

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