While you may have been desensitized to the fact, since your local CVS rolled out the Halloween displays the day after fourth of July, but October 31st is only a few short weeks away.  If you have deep pockets and the desire to freak your neighbors and house guest out, Horrordome.com has everything to turn your ho-hum home into a fortress of terror and doom.

Blood Bath Zombie

Imagine the look of surprise when a decomposed corpse rises slowly from blood soaked bath water while your startled guest attempts to navigate the head.  The blood bath includes the animatronic corpse and the coloring/ thickening agent needed to create the gory stew.

Price: 2890.00

Animatronic Giant Spider

Anacrophobes will recoil in horror as this over-sized spider descends upon them.  Legs move independently and body curls up, the Giant Spider is 3 feet long and 32 inches wide. Looking for enhanced scares? Digital sound is available for an additional $300, the Spider Spit Mechanism another $350.

Price: $3,650.00

Moldy Molly

Horrordome.com has dedicated 2 years to creating the finest Zombie Kids on the market, and you certainly don’t want to be trotting out lesser models. Their life sized zombie girl, Moldy Molly is fully poseable, better to show off her little rotted pet cat.  Part of the family series of zombies, Molly comes with pajamas and rotted kitty. Made in the U.S.A., Pajamas will vary.

Price: $399.99

Animatronic Evil Tree

Spice up any graveyard or woodsy area with this evil talking tree. Welcome your guests and annoy your neighbors as the tree springs to life with a scream.

Price: $3450.00

Blood Barfing Chunks the Clown

This creepy clown tops them all. Chunks pukes blood into a barrel while giving the performance of his life. Comes complete with blood stained steel trash can, pump and prop. Chunks is made to be unbolted and placed inside drum for easy storage.

Price: $499.99

Attack Frankenstein

Intimidating and scary, Attack Frankenstein lunges 8 feet towards your your guests. This reanimated corpse comes with programmed controller, high quality sound, powered speakers, motion sensor or trigger switch, outlet plug for light or strobe.

Price: $1,500.00

Nocturna Demon Child

At first blush this vampire child may seem a little less theatrical than the others, but imagine what those little Trick or Treaters will say when you answer the door with a baby demon in your arms.  Nocturna has an opening in the back of her neck so you can control her fanged mouth and head, so go ahead, take a swipe at the little bugger grabbing too much candy from the bowl.

Price: $69.99

Animatronic Guillotine

Imagine the fun you will have watching as the blade of the guillotine machine comes screeching down decapitating its victim and spraying your guests with blood colored water. An unsettling effect that sends them running and screaming! Includes body, table, headbox, blade, squirting mechanism and tank, 2 tape players, 2 tapes and loud amp with speakers.

Price: 7180.00

Possessed Girl Portrait

While Horrordome.com offers a variety of possessed changing portraits, everything from the Mona Lisa to American Gothic, we like Elsa the Demon girl.  Which ever you choose, each haunted masterpieces actually transform from seemingly normal to delightfully ghoulish, right before your very eyes.  Portraits never need to be triggered or reset, and do not require batteries, electricity or special lighting. Watch as these creepy collectibles mesmerize your family and friends by transforming from normal people to hideous monsters right before their eyes.

Price: a bargain at $99.99

Animatronic Death Chamber

If you have questionable taste and an extra 9k laying around this centerpiece animatronic might be for you.  A realistic man in a straight jacket struggles in the chair.  When the switch is thrown, a siren is heard and the man starts thrashing wildly.  As the chamber fills with smoke, the man continues to scream and lunge till he finally succumbs. Then, BANG he leaps out of the chair and into the glass, startling your amazed guests. Includes beacon light, fog machine, fan, amp with speaker, digital sound everything needed to run unit.

Price: $8,900.00