School is back in session, and with it comes the nostalgia of school days past.  Secret crushes, embarrassing social gaffs, playground bullies nothing seems to stir memories quite like lunch boxes.

These mini time capsules of youth not only evoke a time and place but quite possibly portend their tiny owner’s future…


Dope Smoker

Future Member: Golddiggers of America

and the mores of society at the time…

Post-Columbine, Oh no you don’t.

Racial Sensitivity

most of these boxes can be purchased online at Gasoline Alley where they will let you know the condition and history of each box. You may be surprised by the prices these tin time machines fetch.  The Battlestar Galactica box pictured up top fetches around $300 depending on the condition, while this 1950s Superman pail will set you back a cool $2100.00.

With over 100 images below, I am sure you will find a few that bring back the sweet memories of youth.