The MegaMansion is Dead. Long Live the MegaMansion

Dean Gardens, the self proclaimed “Legacy of Vision” $40 million estate has sold.  According to The New York Times, after more than 16 years on the market, Dean Gardens belongs to entertainment tycoon Tyler Perry. The sale price, a mere $7.6 million.  As for the “Legacy of Vision”, Mr. Perry plans to tear down Dean Gardens and build a new house on the property.

Soon to be reduced to rubble, the lavishly appointed home was built by financial services software baron, Larry Dean.  Dean and his first wife, Lynda, spent four years creating the home of their highfalutin dreams — a neoclassical mansion with 10 bathrooms and eight bedrooms.  Some of the many excesses include a 3,000 sq. foot Master Suite;  an Egyptian themed guest suite with replica Sarcophagi and adjoining bathroom designed as Egyptian tomb…complete with Hieroglyphics, papyrus leaves, ankhs and a floor of German limestone embedded with fossilized lichens.

Mr. Dean says he won’t get a penny of the $7.6 million since it will all go to pay off his debts. He hosted a tag sale at his home over the weekend with everything from- an $88,000 24k bathroom sink to the foyer rotunda, inspired by the dome of the Brunelleschi Cathedral in Florence- up for sale.