While some artists limit themselves to flat surfaces, others see the world as their canvas and anything as their medium.  And it certainly takes a special type of person to see beauty and structure in the everyday objects we all take for granted.   Even more interesting is the fact that these works of art aren’t intended to be permanent.   Here are a few surprising art installations from around the world.


Even in their strictest utilitarian sense, umbrellas always hold a sort of charm.  But put a bunch of umbrellas together, and you’ve got art!  At least you do in the following instances.


When we look at tape, we see all the Christmas gifts that we’ll be wrapping in a few months.  At least we used to see Christmas gifts, Amazon kind of obliterated the wrapping process for us a few years ago.  But when some artists look at tape, they see a spiderweb, linear grids and a man sitting on the sidewalk.  Actually, we’re not going to lie.  We also see a street man when we look at tape.


When you’re a kid, you think you can do anything with paper and scissors. You can make toys, planes, clothes, masks, anything.  Some people never outgrew that sense of possibility.

Water Bottles

Many of today’s artist use their work to address society’s problems.  And if you haven’t figured out that plastic water bottles are a problem, you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years.  Lucky for these eco-conscious artists, there are plenty of bottles around for them to use.


Imagine spending hours on a work of art, only to watch it disappear before your eyes.  And now imagine that the disappearing part was the point all along.  That’s the case with ice art installations.  Several artists are using ice art to call attention to global warming and our fragile planet.  The point is well take, especially when you’re watching tiny ice humans melt into puddles of nothing.