The recently opened SEVEN HOTEL Paris promises to elevate your expectations of the boutique hotel experience. Offering 28 Levitation suites with beds that float like feathers and tubs hovering off the ground, each room is designed to satisfy your loftiest desires.

Surreal elements aren’t reserved exclusively for the rooms. The etheral experience starts as soon as you enter the hotel. Incredible 3D images of bubbles, so real you’ll be tempted to burst them with your fingers, greet you as you make your way to the front desk.  In effort to engage as many senses as possible, a large flat screen offers incredible 3D images and diffuses wonderful fragrances. The wall of mirrors behind the bar flash and twinkle, creating an atmosphere that changes throughout the day.

Located in the Latin quarter of Paris within walking distance to Saint Germain, Notre Dame (the center of Paris), SEVEN HOTEL raises the bar for concept hotels to a new dimension. Interested in learning more? The SEVEN HOTEL website has probably one of the most dramatic flash intros I’ve ever encountered.