I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not crazy about the steampunk aesthetic.  It’s a little too cluttered for my taste and somehow conjures up memories of “Dear Alex and Annie” ruining my Saturday morning with their lame advice. However, as I often tell people, the design world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same things.

If you happen to like steampunk style or have lots junk lying around your house, there is a contest you might be interested in entering.  Steampuffin’s 1st Annual Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition will bring together outstanding Steampunk designs and promotes the role of the Steampunk designer/craftsman.

Along with recycled items, all Steampunk designs are primarily built using authentic Victorian (1850s to early 1900s) objects, salvage items, clothing and antiques that incorporate modern technology and have specific functions for modern day, practical uses.

Sponsored by, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation (www.crmi.org), ModVic LLC (www.modvic.com) and Brute Force Studios(www.bruteforcestudios.com), the selections in Steampuffin’s Annual Competition represents the best work across the world in creative Steampunk design for housing modern day technology and conveniences, as chosen by a distinguished jury of design peers. The deadline for entry is September 5th – [via Steampuffin]