The first time Jim Malone used some scraps of old bowling alley wood to make a countertop, he felt an immediate connection with the materials. As Malone explains,  “I was struck by the beauty of the heartpine that lay beneath layers of dirt and polyurethane.”

Inspired by the history and richness of the wood, Malone created counterEvolution, a company that breathes life into old lanes.

Handcrafted from defunct bowling alleys, the solid wood furniture created by CounterEvolution are tailored to suit individual customer specifications.  These one of a kind pieces are functional art pieces.  The unique history of the materials create a compelling, green story that enrich commercial and residential spaces.

CounterEvolution offers three categories of furnishings: Modern Rustic-pieces made from 100% reclaimed heartpine bowling alley wood; Industrial Green-pieces made with the same heartpine, but combined with steel in the form of I-beam legs and blackened steel banding; and Buffalo Green-our smaller items made from  scrap pieces.