Just when you thought it was safe to commute to downtown Silver Spring, Maryland¬† – the Discovery Channel has transformed its headquarters into a giant “man-eater” in honor of Shark Week.¬† Nicknamed “Chompie,” the inflatable shark consists of five pieces – the head, two side fins, a dorsal fin, and a tail.

Created by CMEANN, Chompie is 113-feet tall from his belly to dorsal fin and 200-feet wide. Providing giant inflatable solutions for the entertainment industry, CMEANN is the same company that helped King Kong scale the Empire State Building and a giant Spiderman descend on movie goers in Manhattan.

Shark Week 2010 kicks off this Sunday, August 1, with “Ultimate Air Jaws” one of six brand-new episodes. Jaw-dropping fact, Shark Week is celebrating its 23rd year, and has been unnerving viewers since the first one debuted back in 1987.