Chocolate – I am not a fan.  After that revelation I know from experience most of you will think I need my head examined, as the rest of the world seems to go gaga over the stuff.   I am however, a great fan of bizarre food combinations, so I am pretty intrigued by Chocomize. If you’ve often felt that standard  chocolate bars are a bit lack-luster, NY-based Chocomize allows you to create chocolate concoctions that will satisfy even the most adventuresome palate.

There are over 100 toppings in the following categories: nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs/spices, candy and decorations. With lots of offbeat ingredients available, it was hard to pick the most outrageous. If pressed, I’d have to nominate Pop Rocks, Vegetarian Bacon, Edamame, Corn nuts  and Beef Jerky as the most inspired.  If you are overwhelmed by the choices, you can always play it safe and order one of their top sellers like the S’mores Bar (mini marshmallows and Teddie Grahams) or the Spicy Special Bar (black peppercorns, mini chipotles and cayenne peppers).