TINY HOUSES PICTURES: While most Americans have spent the last 50 years mortgaging their lives away for the bigger, nicer house, there has also been a quiet movement to forgo housing luxury for efficiency.  Tiny houses not only leave a smaller impact on the planet, they also force the homeowner to economize.

You can’t be a hoarder in a 200 square foot house, and you certainly can’t go on a shopping spree every time you go into town.   The best part about tiny houses is how creative they have to be with space.  Nothing is wasted, and extras are discouraged.  Yet for the owners of these tiny houses, these are the perfect homes.

If you like those, you should check out some other, tiny homes called shipping containers homes. They’re tough, built from weathering steel, these building blocks of international trade are designed to withstand stacking, stuffing and strapping and are reused over and over — and they come with great views because you can put them anywhere you like!