“Rock me gently, rock me slowly, I have never been loved like this before.” – Andy Kim, 70s one-hit wonder.

Designed by German brothers Michael and Manual Kloker, the Private Cloud bed takes the baby cradle concept and gives it adult size dimensions. The appeal of the Private Cloud rocking bed is pretty obvious; rocking is a soothing, fun and therapeutic activity.   Private Cloud rockers are largely manufactured by hand and are environmentally sustainable.  Made of solid wood from the Black Forest, the rocking bed seats (lays?) up to six adults comfortably.

Not up for motion in the ocean? No worries. The bed comes with two back plate “feet” so you can lock the bed in place. The feet also allow you to slant the bed to a comfortable angle for reading or watching TV. The most recent versions come sans canopy top and an outdoor version that enables you to have the same rocking experience al fresco.