It wasn’t so long ago that starting your own website required a lot more out of a person.  Knowledge of multiple programming languages, for one thing, as well as the ability to present information in a way that was visually coherent and didn’t assault the reader’s eyes.  So a web designer had to be the IT guy, the graphics guy, the provider of content, the SEO guy and the troubleshooter when things went wrong.

Then came Blogger and other early web publishing programs.  Users could actually forget about the design aspect of web publishing and focus on providing content, which has really been the impetus for the explosion of the Internet.  Once the technical jibber jabber was taken out of the equation, anyone could get their stories and ideas and opinions out there for the world to see.

Now the trick is marrying your vision for your website with the best user friendly publisher.  They’re all a little different, and they each give a different message to the reader.


What It Says About You:

I am a blogger and this is my blog.

Which is fine if that’s the case.  If you are writing a personal blog and you are not necessarily interested in  messing with any design aspects whatsoever, Blogger is a good fit for you.  Just keep in mind that your site will be owned by Google, not you, and that your url will end in  You just choose from a handful of templates, layouts and backgrounds, and write.  Bing, bang, boom.  You can apply to get Adsense on your site, then theoretically sit back as the money theoretically rolls in.  It’s easy, but it’s Blogger.  It’s best for blogging.


What It Says About You:

I am using the internet to keep a diary, and this is that diary.

It’s like Blogger, but more so.  More intimate, more community driven, more Myspacy.  LiveJournal also offers more in the way of customization of your site, so if you’re looking to join an online group to post your thoughts and poetry, this might be a good fit for you.  If you are looking for a professional looking host for Lawyertown, your own Lawyer firm, LiveJournal is not the greatest option.


What It Says About You:

I understand how the internet works in 2010.  This is my proof.

If LiveJournal is the Myspace of self publishing, Tumblr is the Twitter.  It’s described as a ‘lightweight blogging system’ because it is intended to be quick, easy and fun.  No one is using Tumblr to publish self loathing goth poetry, and if they are, they’re doing it wrong.  Tumblr is known for their clean templates and easy media uploads.   And the fact that readers can’t comment kind of makes it less of a blog than other publishing sites.

Tumblr is also interesting because it’s so new and it has a lot of unexplored potential.  Artists and designers are eating it up as a medium to show off their talents without getting too wordy.  Especially since media is king on Tumblr, this might be a great resource for someone with a good eye who wants to establish a low-maintenance web presence.


What It Says About You:

I’ve done my research.

Hands down, WordPress is the go-to publisher for a professional, elegant site. Besides the fact that they have tons of templates, widgets, applications and all sorts of other shenanigans to customize your site with, not to mention countless tutorials on the internet to help you navigate through getting your site exactly like you want it, WordPress is just everyone’s favorite.   Even one of Google’s hot shots, Matt Cutts, uses WordPress for his personal blogging.  If it’s good enough for Matt Cutts, there is an excellent chance WordPress is going to be good enough for you.