Yike Bike

Ever stare at vintage pictures of the giant-wheeled Penny Farthing bikes and wonder exactly how anyone balanced and moved forward with one? Now you can find out, albeit on a shrunken, streamlined version. With a big wheel in front, small wheel in back and handlebars on the sides, the Yike Bike looks about as counterintuitive and foreboding as the original Penny Farthing. It’s a folding electric “mini-Farthing” that gets up to 10 kilometers per charge–perfect for commuting to work so long as you don’t mind looking like a total dufus…and spending 3,500 Euros on an automated Big Wheel. On the plus side, it folds down small and weighs only 21 pounds thanks to carbon composite design. It’s expected to ship in the middle of next year. More info. [via Core 77]