For the amount of use they get in our every day lives, sinks have evolved far beyond a faucet, drain and a basin.  They’ve been hacked to include garbage disposals, dish sprayers, water purifiers and more.  Beyond the functional elements, however, there have been great advancements in the aesthetic quality of the modern sink.  To celebrate this, here are 10 designs that are truly on the cutting edge of sinks, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or beyond.

Zen Garden Sink


Gau Design’s Zen Garden Sink is beautifully sustainable. Runoff wastewater from the polished concrete sink flows down a notched groove and feeds a small plant nestled near the basin. Users open the drain to let out soapy water and plug it to let cleaner rinse water flow to the plants. [via]

The Erosion Sink


The Erosion Sink by Gore Design Co. is topographic and high tech. The Arizona brand uses glass fiber-reinforced concrete as the primary material in its Erosion Sink, which looks like layers of earth peeled away by eons of flowing water. [via]

gore-design-sinks-1 gore-design-sinks-2 gore-design-sinks-3

The Mini Hydro Turbine


This tiny electric generator installs on a faucet or between utility pipes and creates usable energy from whooshing water. Designed by Jin Woo Han, the Mini Hydro Turbine feeds its own outlet, which can be installed nearby to power or charge small electronic items. [via]

mini-hydro-turbine-1 mini-hydro-turbine-2 mini-hydro-turbine-3

The Ebb Bathroom


The Ebb Bathroom fixture line is made from a natural and acrylic stone material known to usTogether as LG HI-MACS. For its sleek line, the brand fused the material with transparent glass fronts to create sinks, basins, tubs and showers that are sleek and whimsically modern. [via]

ebb-bathroom-1 ebb-bathroom-2 ebb-bathroom-3

The Crevasse Prep Sink


Working for mega fixture brand Kohler, Anne Kitzmiller designed a kitchen work surface that is all about utility and function. The prep sink centers around a trough and an Active Touch interface that controls the garbage disposal and sink rinse settings. The button can only be activated by a human touch, which eliminates accidental switch-ons by errant pots and pans. [via]

crevasse-prep-sink-1 crevasse-prep-sink-2 crevasse-prep-sink-3

The Profile Smart Dual Flush


While dual-use sink/toilet fixtures are generally reserved for prisons, Coroma’s Profile Smart Dual Flush system combines a high-efficiency system that recycles waste sink water for its flushing rinse. Once flushed, fresh cold water is piped to the sink for rinsing, while the sink drains into the back of the commode. [via]

dual-flush-toilet-1 dual-flush-toilet-3 dual-flush-toilet-2

The Kohler Prologue


The Kohler Prologue has a wet work area that’s recessed below the countertop, giving cooks a prep space that facilitates easy cleaning of meat, fish and vegetables. The sink also has an optional bamboo cutting board and stainless steel colander, which both lock into the sink and give extra rinsing, cutting, gutting and chopping options to home chefs. [via]

prologue-sink-1 prologue-sink-2 prologue-sink-3

The Origin Sink


Based on the idea of a trickling stream, the Origin Washbasin has an eye-catching stone tap that when lifted, frees a flow of water to cascade down a winding groove. Designed by Jin-woog and Jae-han Song for NOTHING Design Group, the water pools in a basin “lake,” which is emptied by lifting a drain stone. [via]

The-Origin-Wash-Basin-1 The-Origin-Wash-Basin-2 The-Origin-Wash-Basin-3

The Elkay Mystic Martini Sink


Designed as an under-mount, Elkay’s Mystic Martini Sink is a stainless steel sink shaped like a martini glass, perfect for any accessory counter, wet bar or home tavern space. All the installer needs now is a few round, green sponges. [via]

mystic-martini-1 mystic-martini-2 mystic-martini-3

The Acquapiano Sink


Water streams from one end of Glem’s shallow Acquapiano prep sink to the other, providing a cascading rinse for dedicated home chefs. More intense cleaning can be acquired by directing water from the powerful nozzle, which comes attached to a long tube for easy maneuvering. The prep space flows into a larger basin area outfitted with draining basket and the entire sink can be fit with an optional draining tray for mass food scrubbings. [via]

glem-acquapiano-1 glem-acquapiano-2 glem-acquapiano-3

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