Conventional wisdom holds that yacht owners are always engaged in one-upsmanship, so they’d surely delight in U.K. design firm Drive’s completely over-the-top concept. Supposedly inspired by automotive design, the 125m 7Cs superyacht stands high above the water line, and experiments with character of line, proportion, and graphical breakup. And of course, it’s loaded with swanky features, such as a helipad, garage bays for docking smaller vessels, a rear “surrounded” jacuzzi, a double curved staircase leading down to the atrium and an area at the stern for contemporary glass structures. If built, the superyacht will likely cruise at 20 knots, with a traveling range of 5,000 nautical miles. The design firm is currently working on the interior design and gauging interest from the rich and famous. [Press Release via BornRich]