There aren’t that many multi-function kitchen gadgets that perform all that well (think Spork), and this Uni-tool doesn’t look any different. But if you have a hankering to flip and sear your Ahi, cut it with a dull plastic knife, throw a little icing on your filet and serve a side of veggies all with one utensil, then this Graeme Davies/Joseph Joseph design is for you. The Uni-tool is composed of heat-resistant nylon good up to 240 Celsius and combines a spatula, flipper, knife, slotted spoon and ladle. Of course, if you’re making any kind of actual meal, you’ll probably need several of those tools at once. So you can either order yourself a whole set of Uni-tools or throw the one that your best friend pressured you to buy into a dark corner of the bottom drawer while reinstating all the superior stand-alones. [via Yanko]