Bowler Raptor 2

Inspired by the rugged off-terrain vehicles that compete in the most trying conditions in the world during desert races like Baja and Dakar, the Bowler Raptor is a mean, sand-ripping piece of 4WD infamy. Designed by Ryan Skelley, the all-terrain buggy features an exposed carbon fiber chassis and full electric drivetrain. It is designed to hit speeds up to 130 MPH. When it experiences the inevitable rollover, the independently-secured body panels pop of with the loosening of a few hex bolts and are easily replaced. The “hot swap” Lithium-Titanate batteries that power this beast can be recharged in a standard wall socket or dedicated high-power outlet. While it may try just a tad too hard at looking bad-ass, we have a feeling it’s ready to deliver. [via Tuvie]