Sureot 3

The SUREOT passenger train provides a unique ride, in which the interior has been stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up and the subtle tinge of green throughout reminds us of the merit of taking the train in the first place. Eliminating the tight, cold, linear feeling of the standard train, the SUREOT opens up the interior spaces and creates a more relaxing, comfortable travel experience. The “ground level” is reserved for work and communication while the upper level is for relaxation and tranquility. Instead of doors, the train extends at the station to reveal wide entrances for boarding, providing a more cohesive flow to the inside that isn’t broken up by the separation of cars. While I’d be terrified of crossing the threshold of those jaw-like openings, I’d love to take a ride aboard this train. Unfortunately, a train this stylish isn’t likely to be US-bound. [via Behance]