In the latest attempt to ensure that robots are the end to humanity as we know it, designer Tony Weichselbraun brings us Kaputt.R, the demolition robot. Why save things like bringing down 10-story buildings for qualified professionals, when we could unleash an army of robots hell-bent on destruction to do the job? Kapputt.R uses 4 catepillar tracks to drive to the target of its agression then unleashes with its two monstrous arms. If the arms can’t quite get it done, a number of attachments such as buzz saw and plow can be used to finish the job. Another accessory that requires a bit of explanation is the Powergun; “inspired by conventional explosive demolition”, the Powergun fires pressure waves induced by propane explosions at your target, weakening the structure until it collapses. Yes, buzz saw, Powergun-wielding, wheeled robots–surely that won’t cause any problems. [via Yanko]