A robot created the subtle bubbled pattern reflected off the walls of a new building at the Daniel Gantenbein Winery in Fläsch, Switzerland. Working off a design created by Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, Only a robotic bricklayer had the precision necessary to line up the 20,000 or so bricks into the exact position and angle necessary for the facade, which allows air, light and moisture to bathe Gantenbein’s new wine cellar. Built onto a pair of existing buildings, the new cellar space is bathed in a patterned glow from the intricate brickwork, which was made with double-sided bricks, lined on the interior side with polycarbonate panels. What could match the visual drama of the winery’s new cellar? — Only its spacey, black and white fermentation room. [via archidose, pics 1-3 via, 4-6 via]