The lines and curves snare your gaze. Eyes are caressed by perfectly proportioned stems and the smooth, even texture of the surface. The bodies come in all shapes and colors, many outfitted with shimmery accessories. All of the models wear rubber and chains and if you’re into it, sport leather saddles. Showcasing the personality of builder and rider, Portland photographer and graphic designer Jared Souney opens his lens on custom made bicycles through intimate studio portraits.

“The details on each bike are totally different,” Souney wrote about the shoot on his Web site. “Shooting them is almost like shooting portraits of people.”

Much of Souney’s past work — for scores clients including Mountain Dew, Right Guard, Tony Hawk Inc., and a whole host of cycling and sporting magazines — has focused on action, movement and speed. A few bike shops, including Courage, Argonaut and Hufnagel, recently tapped Souney to take pictures of their builds, so he wheeled into his studio and snapped a series of pedal-portraits highlighting the custom work and hand-detailed character of each ride. [via jaredsouney]